Reporting objects on auctions

If you are interested in reporting an object on an auction, we kindly ask you to contact with our Auction House.

Preliminary verification is carried out on the basis of photographs and the description included:

Photos: perfectly clear including the signature

Description: contains basic information about the object (size, technique, author - if there is the possibility of identification, any additional information - signatures, stickers, condition).


Our experts who are a part of the Evaluation and Valuation Committee will qualify them for the auction or gallery sales. The commission also makes a final decision concerning the value of the object (if the object is transferred for auction or commission sale, the quote is free of charge). The decision about the sale is made by the client based on the above-mentioned information.

In justified cases, it is possible for our Appraiser to come to the indicated address in order to estimate the value of the objects and conclude the contract.


The terms and conditions of sale are specified in the Contract, which will be concluded with you (auction contract or commission contract). Items qualified for an auction sale are published in the auction catalogue, on the website of our Auction House and on art-related portals.


After selling the object, the payment is made in accordance with the contract concluded and on the basis of rules agreed with you (bank transfer, cash).

In cases when the item does not find a buyer during the auction, it is possible to leave it to the commission sale.

In case of any ambiguity or questions, our antiquarian helps you.

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