How to sell?

If you wish to commission a valuation, please contact the Auction House:
- by e-mail:
- by phone: +48 12 422 31 14, or +48 12 422 19 66
- personally, or
- write to:
Auction House DESA, PL 31-019 Cracow, 13. Florianska St. (1st floor)
Mon- Fri 11.00-19.00, Sat 10.00-14.00

Preliminary valuation can be carried out based on a photograph and a description:
Photographs: clear, taken at different perspectives/angles, showing signature.
Description: must contain basic information about an object (size, material, technique, author - if possible to identify, all additional details such as signatures, stickers, condition).


After initial verification an object must be delivered to our Auction House for more thorough examination. Our experts, who are members of the Evaluation and Valuation Board, will then qualify it for sales at an auction or in the gallery. The Board will also provide the final valuation of the object (if the objects is intended for auction or commission sale, the valuation is free of charge. Decision on possible sale can be made based on the information provided by us. I justified cases our expert may come to you to valuate an object and conclude an agreement.


Sales conditions are set forth in the Agreement which will be entered into with the client (Auction Agreement or Commission Sales Agreement). All objects accepted for auction sales are published in our auction catalogue at the website of our Auction House and art related portals.


After the object has been sold, you will be paid the amount under the Agreement on terms set forth therein (bank transfer, cash).
If no buyer is found during the auction, the object may be left with us for commission sale.
If you have any queries, our personnel will provide necessary assistance and help.


If you are interested in written valuation for the purpose of artwork insurance, estate division, sales or export, please contact our division of experts.

Contact Us

13. Florianska St., PL 31-019 Cracow, Poland
phone +48 12 429 12 51
fax +48 12 422 98 91

e-mail: lp.tra.ased@ycwanzozcezr

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Weekday: 11am to 3pm
Saturday: closed
Sunday: closed

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